Top End and Gulf of Carpentaria rivers flooded

Good news for barramundi fishos – the Daly, Mary and Roper Rivers are all flooded, as are the famous East and South Alligator Rivers in Kakadu.
The Hells Gate road to Roper Bar is currently cut off, which gives an indication of the flooding on the Roper.
The rivers in the eastern Top End (the Gulf of Carpentaria side) are well flooded as about 400mm of rain fell along the coast last week thanks to a slow-moving low pressure system.
This is a late save for the wet season, which had seen the lowest rainfall for many years.
Good rainfall means good barramundi fishing, as it brings bait into the rivers, and also provides clear green water until the dirty tidal water finally pushes its way back up the rivers.
You can watch NT rivers levels here.
The best fishing is on a falling river, usually on the first of an outgoing tide, near the floodplain creek mouths. But good trolling can be expected as the rivers fall to near normal levels.