Shane Compain’s Roper River monsters

Shane Compain of Tackle World in Darwin is one of the few fishos who has the knack of regularly finding monster barramundi, and often in situations outside the norm.
He recently went to the Roper River, fishing big tides and dirty water.
He was told the timing was wrong and he probably wouldn’t catch much.
The Roper is an awfully long drive from Darwin to fish in less than optimal conditions. But Shane cleaned up.

A metre-long Roper River barra comes to Shane Compain's net

A metre-long Roper River barramundi comes to Shane Compain's net

A possible 1.3m barra clears the water during Shane Compain's Roper River trip

A possible 1.3m barramundi clears the water during Shane Compain's Roper River trip

Queensland groper were abundant on Shane Compain's Roper River trip

Queensland groper were abundant on Shane Compain's Roper River trip

“It was a long drive for just two days of fishing, but we caught 30 barramundi, the biggest a 113cm fish,” he said.
‘Next biggest was an 85cm, and the rest were 75cm to 85cm.
“But we lost a horse that would have been 130cm.
“We also caught several groper, one around 100kg – they taking big soft plastics and there seemed to be loads of them.
“We were fishing a deepish hole in an eddy near the mouth, bouncing lures along the bottom – we were catching a mix of jewfish, groper and barra.
“A mate hooked the monster barra and we got footage of it near the boat – it was huge.
“I could have slapped the big fish with the GoPro camera – the head on it was huge.
“There was bait coming out of its mouth when it was jumping, it was awesome.
“I was skippered by Stephen Bennat and it was just saltwater fishing, there was no run-off.
“We stripped a reel on the groper – they were there in numbers.
“The hole was about 7m, it was not the deepest area but it had a load of fish.
“On the first day we only caught five fish, it was a bit of a fizzer – we started our trolling from a boat ramp near the mouth where we got a couple of fish.
“It was on big tides and people had told us we were wasting our time – most did not want to tell us anything at all.
“There was no clean water, although it was a little bit clear for short times during the tide.
“We were mainly fishing filthy chocolate water with the soft plastics running along on the bottom.
“Another boat fishing with us got a 95cm barra and some 70cm fish.
“It was a great first trip to the Roper for me.”

See Shane’s great video here.