King Ash Bay Fishing Classic 2013

Most of you who visit the NT for fishing will know of King Ash Bay Fishing Club on the McArthur River.
They had a great comp this year, despite having to delay it because of Easter rain – after a wet season that was pretty much bone dry!
Spokesperson Terri Turner said: “Unfortunately we had to postpone our annual Easter Fishing Classic due to heaps of rain (around 400mm) in the week prior to and over the Easter weekend.
“We held the comp on May 4 and 5.
“All up we had 161 nominations (we usually get 250 – 300 if held at Easter) but all had a great time and some good quality fish were weighed in. In fact, around 300 fish.
“We had 14 fish species eligible they weighed in 13 of these (tuskfish were the only species not weighed in).
“Strong winds were a challenge for the reef anglers on the Saturday but the Sunday was excellent fishing weather.
“The winds didn’t really affect the estuary anglers.
“Overall we had around $35,000 to give away in cash and goods prizes and also raffles.
“Our major sponsor was Xsrata-McArthur River Mine and other the big sponsors were Engel Australia, Craig’s Fishing Warehouse (Darwin) and Cape Crawford Tourism.”

Here’s a video of some of the fish … King Ash Bay Fishing Classic video