Barramundi fishing competition kicks off

FFF Seadogs barramundi fishing competition

The FFF Seadogs barramundi fishing competition has become possibly the Northern Territory’s biggest fishing competition in terms of total registered boats.

The 2013 Seadogs comp kicks off this month and there is still plenty of time to enter. The comp has been opened up to other states, with some restrictions.

There are 11 month-long rounds, and to win the event you need the record a fish in seven of those 11 rounds. You can also win round prizes, or lucky prizes.

Read the following link info for further details. You need a FFF sticker on your boat to be eligible for the many great prizes. To enter, you also need a brag mat (measuring mat), a copy of your local newspaper to prove the date of capture, and a camera. And that’s it! Click here for more info.