Rapala X-Rap

One of the great shallow water barramundi lures is the Rapala X-Rap. These have been one of the main prizes in the online NT barramundi fishing competition at www.fishingterritory.com.

If you want a lure for shallow work around weedbeds in billabongs, or on the estuary flats, you can’t do much better than the X-Rap … here is the Rapala link.

The X-Rap models with the beefier hooks are best for barramundi, although the finer hooks will hold the fish if you take care, and some fishos believe the finer hooks give a better hook-up rate. The X-Rap Freshwater is a fine saratoga and sooty grunter lure.

The X-Rap - a great barramundi fishing lure for shallow weedbeds and estuary flats