Guides and Charters

Call us on 03 6266 0137 if you would like recommendations on a barramundi fishing guide or northern bluewater charter. We have been working with northern fishing tourism businesses for the past 20 years and know who’s who.

Barramundi can be caught all year, but the best time for northern fishing tours is usually from March through to early May. A big wet season will see good fishing extend well into the dry season.

The Northern Territory has sealed road access to most spots, which means all-year access except during monsoonal flooding, usually from Christmas to March, although a late cyclonic low pressure system can extend flooding into April. Cape York Peninsula and the Kimberley access is more problematic during the wet season.

We highly recommend you read the North Australian FISH FINDER book before planning a barramundi fishing trip, be it a guided trip or self-drive.