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Cracker start to 2015/16 NT wet season

Xmas rain over the Top End's Daly River catchment

Xmas rain over the Top End’s Daly River catchment

A low pressure system set up shop over the Daly River last week and just sat there. As I write this the Daly is fast heading toward major flood level, possibly an unprecedented flood event.

Not only is this great news for the upcoming barramundi fishing run-off season, it is highly unusual, as the Weather Bureau had predicted a late, probably below average wet season as a result of the near record El Nino that is now in full swing.

If this is El Nino weather for the NT, bring it on!

It will take follow-up rain in January and February to lock in the benefits of the early Christmas flood, but it sure is a good start. The NT’s Finniss and Victoria Rivers, while the Adelaide River is now getting the rain as the low moves slowly east towards the Mary River and Kadadu catchments.

Barramundi fishing in the NT’s rivers is all about rain, even if you don’t like fishing the run-off, a long flood through to March will provide enough fodder to keep barra in the rivers for the dry season.

The NT has had succession of poor wet seasons and a good rain was badly needed.

Interestingly, statistics show La Nina years follow El Ninos, and La Ninas have traditionally brought heaps of rain to the Top End. Here’s hoping for two cracker Wets, if it happens you better pack your bags and get cracking for some mind-blowing barramundi fishing.

Meanwhile, our thoughts to the Daly River community who are now packing their bags in anticipation of the flood event that is about to happen, an unfortunate side effect of all this wonderful rain.

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